Pet friendly hotel Alba Adriatica

Travelling with your best friend

Planning the holidays is always a pleasure, whether it is for a long stay or a brief weekend break. Is the thought of going on holiday marred by the fear of having to leave your pet at home? Travelling with the whole family including your furry friend is possible at the pet friendly Hotel Doge. Pets are allowed on condition they are well trained and don’t misbehave.

The promenade of Alba Adriatica is perfect for long walks or bicycle rides.

You will be supplied with a blanket for your puppy, some little bags for emergencies and, if required, a dog’s bowl. Just arrange the cleaning with the maid on your floor: she will tidy the room while you go for a walk and, if you’re travelling with a cat, just put it in the pet carrier for a few minutes. At the end of your stay, the room will be completely hygienically cleaned and an additional charge of €15,00 is made for final cleaning..

We request that you do not take your dog into the dining room. In fact, especially at busy periods, the dining room can become very crowded so we could not guarantee this option. Dogs are tolerated on the beach if kept on a lead and under the beach umbrella. Please avoid the pool areas and the children playgrounds. 

We have an arrangement with a store selling items for animals that makes home deliveries: if you tell us the type and brand of dog food when you make your booking, Fido's dinner will be ready and waiting in the room when you arrive. Very close to the Doge, there is a veterinary clinic and we have the contact details of other professionals in the event of emergencies.

If you hear the sound of a bark, that’s your best friend giving their approval. And don’t forget the pussy-cat and the rabbit. There’s room for all!