Hotel with entertainment Alba Adriatica

A holiday full of fun and good mood

Come to the seaside to relax and enjoy the benefits of the sun, but also to have fun and lift your mood.

Our entertainment schedule, unobtrusive and geared to your desire to have fun and be entertained, makes every moment of the day special and creates a happy, relaxing atmosphere. The hotel organises games, beach volley tournaments, ping pong, table football, bowls, shooting range and sports such as water aerobics, stretching and group dancing.

There are 6 evening entertainments a week: beach parties with watermelon, sangria and dancing, games evenings, karaoke, cabaret, wine and typical produce tastings – the famous arrosticini (skewered lamb) of Abruzzo! If weather and the evening schedule allow, the entertainment is staged in the new swimming pool area on the beach, an especially evocative location.

THE WORLD OF DOGEDOG A happy child makes the rest of the family happy, too and, at the Doge, there are thousands of opportunities to laugh and play with the entertainers and so many friends. And when the Dogedog, our mascot, arrives, what joy!

The mini club is held in the mornings on the beach for children to have fun together, the older children who aren't resting after lunch can come to the lobby in the early afternoon for workshops and, after a snack, everyone can come back to run and jump on the beach together. Early every evening, a baby dance is held and, once a week, the entertainment is exclusively for the little ones. Children of all ages are admitted but, for the very young, the supervision of Mum and Dad is appreciated. The entertainment activities are an opportunity for adults and children to get to know their neighbours on the beach and the friendships struck up are often renewed the following year – same beach, same sea! Club membership is not required.