Seafront hotel in Abruzzi

Some recurring questions

Do children eat with their parents or can they stay with the entertainers for lunch and dinner?
Our “children” have grown up now but we well remember how difficult it was to keep them calm during meals. We’re not very keen on the idea of separate meals because even children who are used to eating at nursery or school would end up spending a week eating nothing but burgers, pizzas and chips. So we prefer to offer a speedy service at the table so they don’t get bored, giving the little whirlwinds placemats and crayons to keep them busy. 
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From what age can children take part in the mini-club?
There’s no fixed age. There are children aged 2 who are used to going to nursery and who get on perfectly well with other children while there are others at the age of 4 who are so timid that even the friendliest entertainers struggle to get them to take part. In any case, the presence of an adult nearby is required for very young children, who might feel bewildered, at least in the first days. 
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How can I get an Oleandro or Geranio room with a sea view?
Most of the rooms of this type enjoy sea views. Between them and the beach, there are around thirty metres of pine forest and the trees block the view of the sea from the first and second floors. With the Acquamarina package, the sea view is guaranteed, if you arrive at weekends. However, those who don’t intend to take advantage of this package can, in any event, tell us their preferences and, as long as one is available, we'll be happy to reserve a room with those features. Our Oleandro and Geranio rooms are on the sides of the hotel on the six floors. 
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Why do you have to pay to hire bicycles?
We make a small charge for hiring bikes, 1 euro an hour, in order to give all our guests the chance to make use of them. The truth is that it can happen that someone, especially teenagers (what it is to be young!), don't hand back the keys at the end of their ride. So when guests ask to use the parked bikes, we have to say no and that's a real shame. We have a sizeable number of bicycles for children and adults, including with child seats, always in excellent condition thanks to careful maintenance, perfect for enjoying the cycle track that runs along the coast.

In which parts of the hotel can I take my dog?
Four-legged friends that don’t create disturbances are welcome at the Doge, they can sleep in the rooms and stay in the hall and garden. We ask that dogs are not taken into the dining or breakfast rooms. Dogs are tolerated on the beach if kept on a lead and under the beach umbrella. Please avoid the pool areas and the children playgrounds. 
Pets are welcome at the Doge

What happens if I cannot go to Alba Adriatica because I have tested positive for Covid19, I am quarantining or because at the time of the holiday it is not allowed to travel from one country to another? 
We really hope that there are no problems, but if it should happen, do not worry: the deposit will be refunded (deducted € 5.00 for bank and office costs).