Environmentally aware hotel Abruzzi

for Earth protection

A holiday by the sea means living in the open air, in contact with the sun's rays and the surrounding nature. Staying at the Doge in the invigorating embrace of the sea breeze, the aroma of pines and the outline of the Gran Sasso in the distance: what else do you need for total relaxation? 

“True nature” where we too are part of the environment and seek, in our own small way, to preserve it. Perhaps it is only a drop in the ocean, but you have to start somewhere, so...

  • the bathroom water is heated by thermal solar panels, both in the hotel and on the private beach
  • most of the electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels which, while perhaps not very beautiful, also act as thermal insulation, absorbing the energy and the heat of the sun
  • we have almost completely replaced incandescent bulbs with low consumption LED ones
  • as far as possible, we use fresh local produce, in particular fruit, vegetables and fish, so our cuisine is even richer in taste
  • the water that we use for meals and during the day comes from the mountains and is of excellent quality, cleansed and sterilised by appropriate equipment. In this way, we avoid reliance on too many plastic bottles with all the problems and costs of disposing of them
  • we ask our guests to identify the towels they need changing by leaving them on the floor so we can avoid the pointless waste of water, detergent and energy
  • there is an electric car charging point in our parking lot (with fee)

All this helps reduce the management costs, enabling us to maintain the good ratio between quality and price that has always marked us out.